The Cheese Makers

gallery33.jpg“Cheese making is both an art and a science,” Nothing beats experience. But training and technology are also an essential part of the craft.

Head Cheese maker Ashley McCoy was the General Manager and Production Manager of the famed King Island Dairies for five years. There he made triple cream brie, blue and smoked cheddar cheeses, and he helped to develop several other varieties. He spent time in France, Italy and the UK, learning the techniques of generations of cheese makers. He has personally overseen the training of all of the Wicked cheese makers passing on experience and a skill set that has made the Wicked cheese makers highly passionate and competent in their trade.

There is solid science behind cheese making at Wicked Cheese. But there is also that something extra – the subtleties of taste and texture that result from secrets of the cheese maker’s art, practised with the care and pride of the cheese makers who rejoice in their trade.

There are two reasons why Wicked Cheese has gained the reputation and recognition that it has. Our cheese makers are highly experienced and qualified, and meticulously attend to their craft. Secondly, we use only the purest hormone-free and chemical-free milk from grass-fed cows.